Nadia Me and my emotional photography

Photography is not only a job , it’s a piece of me, how I express my feelings and show my sight of the world.
I love the emotional sphere, my photography style cherishes life, love and unique memories. I capture every little gesture, a smile, a tear, a laugh, those actions guided by the heart. I want to connect with my couples, with their souls to create beautiful and evocative pictures. When they look at my photos, they see real moments, all emotions from their wedding will come back and it will be the best way to re-live some of their favourite memories.
I love to express my artistic side in everything I do. Music is an important part of my life: I love losing myself in the melody and create worlds with my imagination. I spend lots of my free time cooking , creating dishes mixing flavours and colours. I also enjoy reading love stories, where words move your soul and make you personify the character’s feelings and taking long walks in the nature alone.
My creativity is a mix of myself and the world that surrounds me, it’s built on the experiences I made and the ones I’ll make in my life.
I believe that every photographer has to be an artist and create beautiful images and not only been able to capture them.
I’m a citizen of the world and I’m always up for a new adventure. Travels enrich my creativity so my bag is always ready to follow my heart. I’m based in Veneto, in a small town between Treviso and Venice, but my weddings have taken me all over Italy and abroad.



She’s my right-hand person. She’s with me at weddings as second shooter, always ready to capture the scene from another point of view. Shana realizes portrait, engagement and family shooting for my studio. She takes the photos and I always take the time to supervise the editing and the delivery.
This is a gallery of Shana’s personal works.

Pet Friendly!

I love animals!

Every little animal is welcome at my weddings

I love been surrounded by our four-legged friends.

They bring joy and spontaneity to your special day. Don't leave them at home!

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